Inaguration Day

Tuesday, January 20th – high above the western United States flying home from Seattle.

obama16Today was a day like any other: 24 hours, with each hour composed of 60 minutes and each minute composed of – you get the picture.  The day had events, however, that made it different, as all days do – and today’s were something special.  The United States of America inaugurated Barrack Obama, a black man, as president.

By swearing to a 35 word oath, Barack Obama signaled that blacks can no longer be considered an oppressed minority.  This does not mean that racism is over.  It certainly is not, with bigots still trying to block all attempts by blacks to vote and take part freely in the American experience.  But there are no longer any limits to what a black person can do in this country

George Vecsey wrote in a piece in Tuesday’s paper, correctly I believe, that sports played an important role in the change.  From Jackie Robinson on, there have been black athletes portraying themselves and their race with intelligence and dignity.  That’s not to say that there haven’t been plenty of seemingly illiterate types saying “y’know” representing their race – but there are as many or more whites among them.

I believe that sports gave black athletes the opportunity to show they are worthy people, with the same range of good and bad, intelligent and dumb, dignified and crude as any other race.  By doing so, it showed the American people that there are blacks worthy of any job, including that of president.  Congratulations to Barack Obama.


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