Griping Gopher Fans

What is it about the Griping Gopher Fans who want to complain about everything Tim Brewster does? He does some good things too!!  But you won’t hear that from them.

The Griping Gopher Fans should remember that he is a salesman and as such, he will talk like one. When he took the job, he talked about his vision of going to the Rose Bowl. Any Gopher fan would expect the Rose Bowl to be the goal of the Gopher gridiron coach (not Mason’s, though) but some GGF’s thought that meant he was promising to go to the Rose Bowl THE FIRST YEAR!!! Obviously, that wasn’t possible, but the GGF’s criticized him unmercifully.  Still do.  Probably letting out the frustrations of their own miserable lives…

Being a hyper and aggressive person, Brewster will talk about what he plans to do, and what he is intending to do.  That is how he gets the assistants and the improving quality of recruits that he does.  He is not lying, he’s setting the vision of where he intends to go.

It is results that matter, and if Brewster hasn’t improved the program considerably after two more years, then he’ll need to go.  If that happens, he will, however, have left a talent base remarkably improved from what he got from Glenn Mason.  If it does happen (and in my opinion the signs are good it will not), we should expect big things from whoever replaces him to coach the Golden Gophers in 2011!  Nuts to the Griping Gopher Fans!  Go soak your heads!


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