Mason or Brewster

In a recent thread on Gopher Hole, Izaty’s posed 2 questions about the coaching change from Glenn Mason to Tim Brewster.  Here’s my take, as posted on GH, mostly:

Do you agree that it was time to let Mason go? 

Mason was done.  Period.  After 9 or so years, he had had plenty of time to prove himself, and was yet again facing a “re-building” year.  He had reached a plateau and did not look like he would ever climb any higher.  He had stated publicly that he didn’t thing you could recruit top quality kids to come to Minnesota.  He also had a habit of bragging about the kids he got out of Columbus, Ohio.  Did he really think he would have gotten them if OSU wanted them?  Maybe one out of ten kids would have a hankering to get away from home, but not many.  Did he really think he could beat Ohio State with kids that OSU rejected?  He may have thought so, but the rest of us know better.

If you wanted Mason kept, then you wanted to continue mediocrity.  I agree with Joel Maturi that it was time for a change.

Is Brewster the right choice to replace Mason?  We don’t know yet, but the signs are good.

What do you need for a good head coach?  Two things:  You need someone who surrounds himself with good people and you need someone who will be captain of the ship.  That is all.

1)       A coach who surrounds himself with good people will have topnotch coordinators, position coaches, and grad assistants, and with them he will recruit players who will continue to strive for and reach higher performance.

2)       A coach who is captain of the ship organizes the program and all of the on-field and off-field minutiae involved with running a quality football program.  He also sets the tone and attitude for everything his players do, both on the field and off.  A good sign that Brewster is captain of the ship is the players’ success in the classroom.  He has brought in academics tutors and advisors and his players are achieving 3.0 grades and Academic All-Big Ten in impressive numbers.

Note: A good head coach does not need to be a former Offensive or Defensive Coordinator.  He just needs to know how to hire good coordinators.  Folks in Minnesota know Mike Tice did just fine as head coach without experience as a coordinator – whatever problems Mike had were not due to lack of experience as coordinator.

In any case, Brewster appears to be doing a good job and deserves 2 to 3 more years to prove himself.  It may take that long to build a decent offensive line….


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