Latest thoughts on local teams

– It was hard being a football fan in Minnesota this weekend. The Gophers lost badly to “the” Ohio State University (expected) and the Vikings lost to the Steelers (not unexpected). In fact if you throw in the Gopher hockey team off to a miserable start, the local pro hockey team (the Minnesota Wild), the disappointing ending of the Twins season last week at the hands of the hated Yankees and the miserable prospects for the Timberwolves (for multiple years),  “Minnesohta” fans are having a tough go. Maybe Farvelous can help with that.
– Brett Favre is doing as expected.  Maybe even better, with a couple of last second wins already.  The question is whether he can continue to stand up through the season. He looked great last year with the Jets till this time of the year, but then….   This week in Green Bay should be fun…
– The Gopher football team is sure taking a bashing in the online discussion boards. C’mon – did anyone really expect them to have a chance against tOSU?  The game was close for a half and then the not-so-golden Gophers melted down. The season record is right where 90% of people predicted it would be at this point in the season, so what’s the complaint? The Gophers will be fine with a couple more years of patience.  Some small progress this year and next and then big progress in 2011.  If you consider schedule strength, this is a much better team than the one Brewster took over from Mason.  His team couldn’t even pretend to play defense.
– Patience!  That’s what it takes in college football. You don’t get to draft at the top of the first round, or trade with other colleges to shore up weak points. You have to go out and painstakingly recruit position by position. And then it takes 2 or 3 years (plus the redshirt year) before most of your recruits have the experience and knowledge to be ready to compete on a substantially higher level.  Remember Mack Brown, head coach of Texas?  He went something like 1-10 in each of his first two years at UNC (with Tim Brewster as his assistent, don’t forget).  Now Mack is one of the deans of college coaches at Texas, with a perennial winner and a national championship under his belt.  Patience!  Be glad we only had one one-win season with Brew.


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