NBA Timberwolves prediction

The Wolves will win 30 or more games this year, at least doubling their meager total of 15 wins last year, and putting them higher in the standings that predicted by SI – and others.

I base this opinion on hearing Dave Kahn, the Wolves’ GM or whatever title he goes by, being interviewed on KFAN this afternoon. I am impressed that he has an excellent grasp of the types of players he will need to assemble a good team. Whether or not he has the judgment to select those players remains to be seen, but I believe that he and Kurt Rambis have substantially improved the talent level, adding height, length, defensive ability and athletic ability.

Now let’s see if Kahn and Rambis are right about the minds of the young players assembled and if they can get the latent talent out of them that will be needed. The most questionable and likely the most important will be Darko Milicic.  With him, my prediction will be easy to achieve.  Without, the rest of the new players (and the few remaining) will really have their work cut out for them.  Darko’s rep in the NBA is that of a joke – the biggest draft bust in recent history, but there is no doubt that he has the physical ability to be a force if the Wolves can get his head right.


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