I am a middle-aged guy living in Vadnais Heights, a northern suburb of St Paul MN.  My wife Ellen and I were transplanted here 14 years ago from Chapel Hill, NC.

My interests are (among other things)

  • Writing and communicating
  • College football, MLB, and college basketball in no particular order and all pretty much any sport except cricket  — and I’m still learning about hockey after 15 years.  The high school tournaments are great fun.
  • All types of music except opera, with any type of guitar and jazz piano at the top of the list.  I played jazz guitar in my youth and played a little classical recently.
  • Reading and listening to Spanish — self-taught and still working up to the speaking part

For more about me, see my blog entry A Brief History of Me, part I,


1 Response to “About Callen”

  1. 1 mchiggins March 5, 2009 at 10:01 am

    Hey! I left you a message before but, alas, was not logged in and my message disappeared! I didn’t have time to register, etc., and rewrite my message at the time but I just got off the phone with Mom (to tell her about Jake’s close encounter with his Uncle Ray) and we started talking about Ellen’s visit next week. She then told me that you are going too! JEALOUS! Anyway, I told her about your blog; of course I had to explain to her what exactly a ‘blog’ is, and actually read her your “About Callen” blog. She LOVED it! So did I! Anyway, I have been enjoying reading your thoughts on sports – baseball, especially, but I loved the Edina Hockey with Marty story! Take care and thanks! xo Mary

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